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General FAQs

This varies, just to be honest, so let me break it down…

An account as a website member we only take your first and last name (as you present it) and email address (must be real, you will need to verify it). Passwords are stored with encryption in our database, however we recommend ALL accounts have a password different from other social media / alike.

Any other profile information you provide is voluntary and does not impact access on the website.

Any instances of the website requesting your location is not stored, or used for other reasons than specific to the needs to provide services such as directions (for example, in the directory) and otherwise. Many of these solutions will use highly respected solutions such as Google to accomplish this solution and again, is not kept for other reasons.

Any credit card information, shipping information and similar, will be done through third party solutions. This includes (optional) donations through Patreon, PayPal, RedBubble (merchandise purchases) and other providers however this information is done through them directly and is not collected here.

The directory collects information OF AN ESTABLISHMENT such as an address, phone and other information, but this would be listed publicly, so this is up to you if you choose to disclose it. Payments for any directory upgrades / features will be done through PayPal.

In short, I’m not trying to be responsible for more than is needed to provide a great community for our local KC people and I want to keep it that way as much as possible.

I suggest you review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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Community FAQs

Adding a profile picture, as well as cover image, is very easy!

Once registered, click on My Profile at the top of the site, then directly below your profile display there are several links and you should be on Profile already. Just below that are links where you can easily add a profile picture as well as cover image!

This page also has a great deal of profile settings to explore and manage as you desire 🙂

If you create an account, you will have access to:
– Directory- adding listings, managing said listings, reviewing listings and adding content to listings.
– Community- add friends, message them, post on the forums, add/join groups, add/join events.

Nope! It’s 100% free to be a member, access the forums, create / join groups or more!

Donations are welcome, through Patreon, which helps keep us online and supporting our causes. Again, the donations are totally optional!

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Directory FAQs

Nope! Our system allows you to add a listing for ANY eatery oriented establishment, if you are the owner, you then visit that listing and claim it – or if not, the owner can later come and claim the listing themselves.

When you make a listing for an establishment (your own or making one which you do not own) it is then available for images, content, reviews and much more to be added. The listings are SEO optimized and allow you to select the categories and other aspects which help provide our community with information about your establishment.

There is no cost to add a listing.

You can add a quality, SEO optimized listing at no charge, for a small fee you can upgrade from there to a feature rich listing for a single business. The package options from there focus more on multi-location with small adjustments in listing options.

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